General Pest Control

Pest control is better thought of as pest prevention. Any pest control company will tell you that the best way to get rid of pests in your house it to not let them get a foothold in the first place. While contacting a pest control company is a must if you find you already have an infestation, taking simple preventative steps will help keep infestations to a minimum from the outset.

Our control program begins wth a thorough inspection of your property by a certified pest control technician. risk areas and pest threats such as active harborages and nesting sites will be identified and treated. having the knowledge and expertise to control a variety pests, our professional will tailor a customized  protection plan to control your pests. Please note that your first service may also include treatment inside of the home for specific invaders.

Our fist service will typically eliminate seventy to eighty percent of your home's adult pest populations.  Be aware that our initail service treatment may drive surviving pests out from their hiding places. It is common to notice an increase in pest activity for one to two weeks after your initial service as pests look for new places to dwell.

On the Fly will return the following month to rid the exterior of pest. To minimize the amount of chemicals used inside the home. On the Fly will teat the interior only on an as needed basis. Our primary focus will be to place a protective barrier around the exterior of the home.


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