With over two decades of experience On the Fly is your turf, tree and plant expert for all aspects of landscape health. We are committed to providing exceptional service, preserving your landscape and protecting your investment. We aim to improve the environment through proper care and treatment of trees and plants.

A thriving landscape is important for a healthy environment and adds property value to your home. It’s not easy to keep yards free of weeds, harmful pests and diseases. For most homeowners, identifying and treating landscape problems is guesswork, that’s why people call On the Fly…


We treat insect, fungus, disease, etc. infestations for your tree, turf, and ornamental landscape.

Pine Trees

We foliage spray and systemic treat to aid and maintain healthy trees. Pine infesting pests attack and destroy weaker stressed trees. Twice a year applications are recommended.


Ornamental Plant Care

Diagnosis of some insect and mite problems often requires close examination of the plant. Once a pest problem has been properly diagnosed, a control program can be determined.


Queen Palms

We deep root feed nutrients and minerals to ailing palms, and also offer quarterly, bi-annual or annual treatments, depending on your palm’s need to maintain healthy growth.


Olive Trees

We foliage treat the tree to neutralize the blossom from maturing into olives. The treatment doesn’t harm the tree; it simply stops the development of olives for one year. We apply once a year.


Turf / Land

Weed control in turf grass landscapes in residential or commercial settings, as well as raw land development etc.


Citrus Trees

We foliage spray, and systemic treat, to aid and maintain healthy trees.

Beautiful lawns, plants and trees don't just happen. It takes hard work, dedication and know-how to grow a thick, green, healthy landscape.