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Identifying and getting rid of weeds, harmful pests and diseases is a tough but important job. From all the guesswork to identify problems in your yard to finding solutions for them, it can be surprisingly difficult. That’s the reason people call On the Fly. We have over two decades of experience in turf care! We are committed to providing exceptional service while preserving your investment by taking proactive measures which will protect it for years to come.


We treat insect, fungus, disease, etc. infestations for your tree, turf, and ornamental landscape.

Pine Trees

We are experts in handling all of your tree concerns. We can take care of maintenance like spraying and treating for infestations to keep you looking good year round. The process starts with a thorough inspection, then we identify the cause and treatment needed before taking appropriate action – such as applying insecticide or fertilizing.


Ornamental Plant Care

Sometimes, it’s difficult to identify a pesky bug or mite that is ruining your plant. Fortunately, there are many different tests you can use to determine the problem before formulating an appropriate control program.


Queen Palms

We can offer a number of treatments to maintain the health and vitality of your palms. From our deep root feeding, quarterly or bi-annual servicing, we have you covered with all your palm needs!


Olive Trees

The olive tree is treated with foliage to stop the tree’s natural growth for one year by either using pest control or other treatments that are safe and environmentally-friendly. This allows us to produce much quicker every two years instead of waiting four long years without any work done on them at all!


Turf / Land

Weed control is a growing issue in the turf grass landscape industry. The struggle to keep weed growth under control has been made more difficult by new herbicide-resistant weeds as well as increased popularity of organic gardening practices, which eliminate or reduce reliance on some traditional means of chemical pest and disease management such as pesticides.


Citrus Trees

We make sure that the trees around your property are healthy and flourishing. We use our special blend of fertilizers to feed them, so they grow strong enough to withstand any bugs or pests that might come their way. Protect your trees from pesky bees with our eco-friendly bee removal Palm Desert solutions.

A thick green landscape is a beautiful addition to any home. In order for this desired look, it takes hard work and dedication from the homeowner.