Pigeon Control Palm Desert - Pigeon Pest Control and Nest Removal

Pigeons are a common problem in the desert. They can cause damage to buildings, gardens and crops by nesting on roofs or walls, dropping droppings which may contain disease-causing bacteria, causing odors that affect people’s health and damaging property through their weight. Pigeons also carry diseases such as salmonella and tuberculosis.

Pigeons are a common pest in cities and suburban communities, roosting on any available ledge to provide shelter from predators. Pigeon droppings can be hazardous to people and the environment- they feed indiscriminately but prefer human food sources like grains or seeds as well as handouts.

Pigeons have been making their way into our urban areas for centuries now because of how close these habitats mimic cliff ledges that pigeons typically use for nesting sites (they’re particularly fond of rooftops!). Unfortunately, many people find them pests due not only do the birds produce unsightly excrement all over your property with no warning whatsoever but also eat anything edible around – including both human waste AND handouts left out by pedestrians.

Pigeons can carry mites and lice, which is gross in itself. (At least they don’t have fleas.) The problems caused by these pests are obvious – from the constant droppings left behind to their loud cooing that never seems to stop no matter what time it is. Fortunately there’s a variety of options for removing pigeons safely with humane methods like nets or spikes along ledges where they usually nestle up during nightfall.

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The birds are a nuisance to commercial and residential buildings. They have been known to cause health issues for some people, as well as damage property that they build nests on like your expensive car! On The Fly Services is here with humane exclusion techniques so you can enjoy the outside without worrying about pigeons ruining it all.

In order to exclude birds from roosting in an area, you can install weather resistant netting or heavy gauge monofilament wire. If the problem is with a single building, then installing screens may be enough. However if there are multiple buildings that need excluding and/or for more substantial exclusion measures than simply screening off windows so that no bird will fly into them as they perch on ledges; it would make sense to use other materials like sheet metal or rigid plastic pipes secured at each end of the top ledge where most often seen perched waiting for overhanging eaves above doors and window openings which offer shelter during inclement weather conditions such as rainstorms when temperatures dip below freezing levels causing precipitation to convert instantly into ice-laden snow.

Roosting birds can be a nuisance in any area of the country. Luckily, there are some low-cost ways to get rid of them while keeping away their friends for good! One way is using commercial bird barriers that consist of stainless steel spikes on top and wire bottom. These help keep roosters at bay without harming or scaring them off with unsightly fencing material or noise makers.


Bird gel is a liquid and sure-fire, non-toxic, nonlethal bird repellent that will drive birds away from their chosen roosting areas. The application of the Bird Gel has been shown to be harmless for metal structures as well as ornamental metals and sealed masonry, making it perfect for your property! It can shield any property from bird excrement in any weather conditions; indoors or outdoors. This product works on a large range of areas.


Dense, Transparent Needle Strips are the perfect way to keep pest birds from their "landing strips." These needles act as a deterrent and discourage pesky pests with ease. The best thing about these is that they're less expensive than other solutions on the market!


Birds will not be able to enter your area when you use netting. The net is made from durable polyethylene twine, and it has a low-burning point that makes it perfect for high risk areas such as airports or warehouses with combustible materials stored inside. It can also protect the birds in courtyards where they could otherwise get tangled up in loose wires! Netting is virtually invisible and installs easily so there's no need to worry about anything else; just enjoy peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong (which we hope doesn't happen), you'll have this protective measure installed beforehand.


Bird slides are the perfect solution for those who want to protect ledges while maintaining a professional appearance. Bird slides work by detouring birds from resting, nesting or landing on your home's ledge without damaging it in any way because they can't get enough grip and just slide right off. They're easy to prime and paint so that they match the exterior of your building which is advantageous if you'd like all aspects of protection for both functionality as well as style!


Now you can have a safe space at the office, on your porch or in any outdoor location. Bird Shock Strips are devices that use electric shocks to deter birds landing on specific areas of your property. They're very discreet and successfully deter pests from returning after they've been shocked once!


Protecting your house from pests is the first step to a pest-free home. To protect your property, you must make sure that all entrances are bird proofed and nests removed before they become an issue!



Bat control is a problem that can be dealt with. Often, bats are seen as helpful animals but in some circumstances they pose threats to human health. Histoplasmosis is an infection caused by fungus (Histoplasma capsulatum) found on guano from bat droppings and bird poop. When the animal feces accumulate, this disease-causing fungus grows and produces spores that infect people when inhaled if not removed promptly or handled properly during cleanup of histoplasmosis outbreaks at homes located near caves used for roosting sites for colonies of Mexican freetail bats according to research published in Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report issued by Centers For Disease Control And Prevention Bats have been linked epidemiologically with several diseases.








The Ledge Slide is an innovative, simple device that protects your ledge without damaging it. The bird-friendly design deters birds from landing on ledges and prevents them from nesting or gathering in these areas because they just can't get a grip! This sleek slide has been designed to match the exterior of any home, so you never have to worry about unsightly damage again.



Netting is an extremely efficient method for keeping bats from invading areas in your property! Netting is made of knotted polyethylene twine that's flame resistant and super strong. When installed properly netting stretches tight across openings in your building so they can't squeeze through any gaps or holes.