Bees Removal and Control: All You Need To Know

Do you want to get rid of bees in your house? If yes, then read this guide.

Bees are very beneficial insects. They pollinate flowers and produce honey. However, if there are too many bees in your home, they could cause damage to your property. This is especially true if they build their nests inside your walls. In such cases, you need to call a bee removal service.

Bee removal services are professional companies that specialize in removing bees from homes. These companies usually employ highly trained professionals who use special equipment to remove the bees safely.

The process can be quite dangerous for humans as well. Therefore, it is important that you hire only licensed and insured bee removers.

What Are Bees?

A bee is an insect with a body length of about 3/4 inch . It has two pairs of wings and six legs. Its head is covered by a protective covering called a “honeycomb”. A bee collects pollen and nectar from plants and stores them in its honeycomb.

Types of Bees in the Coachella Valley Area

There are three types of bees in the Coachella valley area. The first type is known as the European Honey Bee. This type is not aggressive at all. They do not sting people unless they feel threatened.

The second type is known as the Western Honey Bee. This type of bee is considered more aggressive than the European Honey Bee. They will attack anyone who tries to harm them or their hive.

The third type of bee is known as the Africanized Honey Bee. This type was imported into the United States in 1956. Since then, these bees have been spreading rapidly throughout the country. They are extremely aggressive and will attack any person who gets near their hives.

How Do Bees Build Nests?

Bees build their nests using wax and mud. The queen bee lays eggs in each cell of her nest. After hatching, the baby bees feed on the food stored in the cells. At first, they stay near their mother but later move away. As they grow older, they start collecting pollen and nectar.

Why Should I Get Rid Of Bees?

If you have noticed large numbers of bees around your home or garden, then you should contact a bee removal company immediately. There are several reasons why bees build their nests in your home. Some of these include:

• Honeybees gather pollen and nectar from flower blossoms.

• Hornets like wasps also collect pollen and nectar. They do not sting people but they can bite into human skin.

• Carpenter bees make their nests out of wood.

• Bumblebees collect pollen and nectar from plant blossoms.

• Invasive species of bees like the Asian Hornet, Africanized Honeybee and European Honeybee are known to attack humans.

• Honeybees are responsible for spreading diseases like the varroa mite.

• Honeybees can cause allergic reactions in some people.

• Honeybees may also carry parasites and bacteria that can infect humans.

Early Signs of Bees Infestation

You will notice signs of bees infestation when you see bees flying around your home. Also, you might hear buzzing sounds coming from your roof or eaves. When the weather gets warmer, bees begin to fly more frequently.

In case you find bees building their nests in your wall, you should call a bee removal company right away.

What to Expect from Professional Bee Removal Companies?

When you hire a bee removal company, you expect them to provide you with quality work at affordable rates. Here are some things you should look for in a good bee removal company:

1. Licensed & Insured

2. Experienced Professionals

3. Emergency Services Available 24 Hours

4. Guaranteed Workmanship

5. Affordable Rates

6. Reliable Service

7. Quality Products Used

8. Safety Measures Taken

9. On-Time Service

10. No Hidden Fees

Hiring a bee removal company is an important step towards keeping your home free of bees. It is essential to know what kind of bees live in your area so that you can identify them properly.

Bee stings can cause serious health problems if left untreated. On The Fly Pest Control is here to help! Our bee removal service is safe, effective, and eco-friendly. Don’t let bees bother you anymore! Call us today for a free consultation and learn about our bee control services!