Maintaining Food Safety with Pest Control and Management

Pests affect the quality and safety of the food we eat. In addition to this, they can also pose serious health hazards if not controlled properly. The threat of food contamination by insects is increasing at an alarming rate as pest management is a very costly business. Insects are difficult to identify as some of them look similar to one another. Some could be harmless while others are detrimental. Biological contaminants are hard to control because they are not visible to the naked eye.

To keep food safe from pests, it is imperative that proper pest management strategies are put in place. To ensure that your products and services are not affected by insect infestation, there are some basic measures you must be aware of:


The first step to prevent insect infestation is keeping your property clean. The cleanliness of your business establishment has a greater impact on your health and safety than you think. So, it is very important to clean your store or shop regularly. It’s not just about cleaning. You need to understand the right ways to clean your establishment. 

Clean all surfaces, including the outside of the building, regularly to prevent the laying of eggs. Keep all garbage cans sealed. Keep all drains and gutters clean and clear of debris. Make sure all window screens are in good repair and fit tightly. Allow your faucets and drains to drip slightly, since water pooled in or around your area attracts insects.

Garbage containers must be covered and sealed to keep animals out. All spillage on the ground must be cleaned immediately. Food storage facilities must be kept clean. Good sanitation is required in all food storage areas. Food facilities must also protect food from contamination.

Efficient Pest Control Plan

It is highly essential to ensure that you have a pest control plan that will guarantee to protect your food business from pests. It is also important to ensure that you have a plan that will keep your establishment from getting infested with pests. Ensure that you have a pest control plan that will keep your area free from rodents, insects, and other nuisances that are likely to cause harm to you and your family.

Having a pest problem in your establishment will require you to seek professional pest control services to keep your area free from pests. Pests are annoying creatures and being around them makes you uncomfortable. Not to mention the critical hazards they can cause to your food business.

Bugs that are infested in your place can cause great financial loss to your company. Pests in your food business can harm your food. They can also ruin your business thereby affecting your business reputation.

Integrated Pest Control Strategies

The food processing industry is not a static industry. It is constantly changing in response to market trends, new technologies, and changing consumer preferences. The changes in the industry create new needs which lead to the development of new pest problems. The challenge then is to find effective and efficient ways of addressing the problem.

As the pest develops and becomes a problem, a pesticide-based strategy is applied. As the pest becomes resistant to the pesticide, a change of strategy is required. The pest develops further and more chemicals are used. Eventually, the pesticide becomes useless and the pest spreads like wildfire.

Any place where food is prepared must be kept clean and free of pests. The same is true for any storage facility that holds food. Pests can’t get into places that are impossible for them to get into. Keeping storage facilities free of pests and storing food properly in order to keep it pest-free is essential. A pest-free facility will have no chance to attract pests.

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