Bats Removal: How Professionals Do It

Bats are an integral part of nature. They play a vital role in keeping the balance of nature. However, bats are also known to carry rabies and other deadly diseases.

If you live in an area where there are bats, then you should be aware of their presence. If you see a bat flying around your house, then you should contact a professional who can remove the bat safely.

Here are some steps that you can follow if you want to get rid of bats in your home.

1) Check for holes or gaps in walls and ceilings. You may have noticed small openings on these places. These could be entry points for bats into your home. Make sure that all such areas are sealed properly so as not to let any more bats inside.

2) Seal up cracks under doors and windows. This will prevent bats from entering through them.

3) Keep food items out of reach of bats. Bats like sweet foods. So keep sweets away from children’s rooms. Also, make sure that no open containers containing sugary drinks remain unattended near sleeping babies.

4) Bat boxes are available at most hardware stores. Place one box outside each room with a gap between it and the wall. The opening must be large enough for the bat to enter but narrow enough for it to leave when it is ready to do so.

5) Use insecticides regularly. Insecticide sprays work well against insects including mosquitoes. But they don’t kill bats. Instead, use insect repellents that contain DEET.

6) Cleaning products used by professionals usually include chemicals that destroy pests. Some cleaning agents even come with instructions about how long they need to stay on surfaces before being washed off. Follow those directions carefully.

7) Remove clutter from floors and shelves. Clutter attracts rodents and insects. And this makes it easier for bats to find shelter.

8 ) Install screens over vents and air conditioners. Screens help reduce the number of bugs coming indoors.

9) Don’t forget to check attic spaces too. There might be lots of space for bats to hide in attics.

10) Get rid of old furniture. Old furniture has been sitting outdoors for years. That means it’s likely infested with mold and mildew.

11) Avoid using candles because they attract bats.

12) Never try to catch bats yourself. Even though they look cute, catching bats is dangerous.

13) Call a pest control company immediately if you notice signs of bats in your home or yard.

14) Contact local authorities if you suspect someone else is harboring bats in his/her home.

15) Remember that bats aren’t just harmful to humans. They’re also very destructive to property.

Types of Bat Removal Methods

There are different methods that people use to remove bats from homes. Here we discuss three types of removal techniques – chemical, physical and biological.

Chemical Removals

The first method involves spraying pesticides onto the surface of the building. Pesticides are toxic substances that cause death to many kinds of animals. Therefore, it is important to ensure that only trained personnel handle pesticide sprayers.

Physical Removals

This technique uses traps and nets to capture bats. Traps are made of metal mesh while netting comes in various sizes. Both trap and net systems require proper maintenance. Otherwise, they won’t function effectively.

Biological Removals

This type of removal relies on natural predators to eliminate bats. For example, birds eat bats. Other species of mammals feed upon bats. In addition, certain plants produce toxins that harm bats.

How Professional Services Can Help?

Professional services offer effective solutions to problems related to bats. These companies have experience dealing with all sorts of issues associated with them. Their technicians know what works best and will provide you with the right solution.

Professional services also make sure that no damage occurs during the process. This includes ensuring that the environment remains safe after removing bats.

Removing bats from your home isn’t easy. You’ll need to take precautions so as not to endanger yourself or others. The good news is that professional services exist to assist you. So call On The Fly Pest Control today!