All You Need To Know About Pigeon Control and Relocation Coachella Valley

Pigeons are cute, fluffy creatures that love to eat food scraps. They also love to poop everywhere. Pigeons, unlike some other species of birds, are not migratory birds, and if removed from a nesting area they have a good homing ability and can return from long distances. If you live near a park or other open space, you might find yourself dealing with an overwhelming amount of pigeon poo.

If you want to get rid of pigeons, there are several ways to do it. The first thing you should do is call a professional company to remove the pest birds

Identifying Pigeons

The term “pigeon” refers to any bird in the Columbidae family. These include rock dove and woodpecker pigeons. There are many different species within this group. Some of these species have been domesticated for their meat while others are not. In some cases, people keep them as pets. However, they can be very destructive if left alone. This article will focus on how to deal with wild pigeons or pest birds.

There are two types of pigeons: rock and feral. Rock pigeons have white feathers on their heads while feral pigeons only have black ones. Both can be found in urban areas but they prefer different habitats. Feral pigeons tend to nest in trees, cliffs, buildings, etc., whereas rock pigeons usually build nests under bridges, overhangs, roofs, etc.

A rock pigeon belongs to the native bird species from Europe and Asia. In North America, they were introduced by humans as pets. These days, however, most people consider them pests because they cause damage to crops, gardens, parks, sidewalks, etc.

A feral pigeon originated from the European wild birds. They spread across the world after being released into cities for sport shooting purposes. Today, these wild birds are considered invasive species since they compete with local bird populations for nesting sites.

What Are Some Common Problems With Pest Birds?

Here’s some information about common problems associated with pigeons when they become nuisance animal.

Crop and Property Damage – This happens when pigeons peck seeds out of plants. As mentioned earlier, this causes significant crop damage especially if you have fruit trees or in your residential or commercial property.

Health Risk – Diseases transmitted through pigeons include salmonellosis, avian cholera, and psittacine beak-and-feather virus. All three of these illnesses affect both human beings and animals.

Pigeon Droppings – There are many different kinds of droppings produced by pigeons. These range from white pellets called guano to black feces known as “poo.” Guano contains nutrients essential for plant growth while poo is full of bacteria that can harm humans and pets.

Mice And Rats – Mice and rats often hide under piles of pigeon dung. Because of their size, mice and rats can easily fit inside nests made by pigeons. In addition, rodents will sometimes nestle into the feathers of baby pigeons, adding to the health hazards!

How Does Professional Pest Control Companies Get Rid Of Wild Birds?

Bird Repellent

Professional pest control companies use repellents to deter pigeons from coming back. Bird repellent sprays contain chemicals such as DEET which repels insects including mosquitoes, flies, ants, bees, and many more.


Another way professionals get rid of pigeon flocks involves using spikes. Spiked fences prevent pigeons from landing on your property. It may take a longer period of time before the birds learn that the fence isn’t safe anymore so make sure to place the spikes at least 10 feet away from where you plan to put up the fence.


Some traps work like magnets. When placed around a building, they attract pigeons who then fall into the trap. Once trapped, the birds can either be killed or taken outside. Traps come in various sizes depending on how much room you need to catch all the birds.

Other methods involve trapping pigeons alive. Trapping pigeons alive allows you to release them later once they’ve been treated.

Bird Slides

These slides look similar to the playground slides except instead of going down, they go sideways. A person sits on top of the slide and pushes off the ground until he reaches his destination.

The advantage of bird slides is that they don’t require any land. However, they’re not very effective against large groups of pigeons.


This method uses nets attached to poles. One end of the net has holes designed specifically for catching pigeons. Another end holds weights that keep the net taut.

When used correctly, trap nets are one of the most efficient means of getting rid of pigeons. Unfortunately, they aren’t always easy to set up. For example, you’ll need to know exactly what kind of pole you need to attach to the net. Also, you’ll need to ensure that the weight keeps the net tight enough to hold the pigeons without crushing them.

Shock Strips

A shock strip works similarly to a car’s airbag. Instead of inflating when struck, however, this device sends out a loud noise that scares the birds away. This type of deterrent doesn’t hurt the birds but it does scare them.

Bird Nests Exclusion

Sometimes, simply removing the bird nests won’t suffice. That’s why some people opt to exclude the area completely. By blocking access to the area, no pigeons can build an active nest.

There are two types of bird nests exclusion: physical barriers and chemical barriers. Physical barriers include things like plastic sheets and metal mesh. Chemical barriers consist of products containing toxic substances. Both bird nests removal options have pros and cons.

Physical Barriers

Pros: Easy to install, inexpensive

Cons: Can damage plants, leaves, etc.

Chemical Barriers

Pros: Doesn’t harm animals, plants, or humans

Cons: Toxic, expensive, requires regular maintenance

Which Method Is Better?

It depends on whether you prefer having a clean environment or if you value wildlife over human safety. In general, it is recommended to use non-toxic solutions whenever possible. It is also best to call a professional exterminator because their experience will help you choose the best solution for your situation. You may just need one or a combination of all three techniques, depending on the size of the pigeon population you’re dealing with.

Is Pigeon Removal Safe?

Yes! Most experts recommend calling a professional pest control company to do pigeon removal instead of trying to handle the problem yourself. Even though pigeons look harmless, they can carry diseases and parasites that pose serious health risks. When handling pigeons, make sure to wear gloves and protective clothing. Also, never try to take care of the situation yourself. Doing so could result in injury or even death.

Benefits of Professional Pigeon Control and Nest Removal Services

Professional services have lots of benefits over DIY solutions. Here’s why:

1) Safety First- Professionals know how to safely deal with pests. This means that they won’t accidentally hurt themselves or anyone around them. Instead, they’ll be able to protect people and animals from getting injured during the process.

2) Experience Matters- Experienced technicians understand exactly what needs to be done to solve any given issue. As a result, they’re better equipped to tackle problems quickly and efficiently.

3) Quality Service Guaranteed- Since professionals provide quality services, their clients will always receive top-notch results. In addition, they guarantee satisfaction if things go wrong.

4) Affordable Prices- While some DIY solutions cost less money upfront, they often end up costing much more in the long run. That’s not the case with professional services since they offer affordable prices every step of the way.

5) No Risk Involved- There’s no risk involved with hiring a professional company to help you out. All you have to lose is your time and energy.

6) Peace Of Mind- Having pest control companies nearby helps ensure that you feel safe when living in your home. Plus, having peace of mind makes life easier overall.

7) Convenience- With professional services, everything happens fast and easily. From start to finish, the entire process takes just one day.

8) Flexibility- Unlike DIY methods, professional services give you flexibility regarding scheduling. For example, you can schedule appointments whenever works best for you.

9) Knowledgeable Staff- Because professionals work closely with customers, they gain valuable knowledge about different situations. As a result, you can count on them to answer questions promptly and accurately.

10) Trustworthy Reputation- People trust professionals because they’ve been providing reliable services for years. Their reputation speaks volumes about their ability to deliver high-quality products and services at competitive rates.

Pigeons are a nuisance in many areas of California. Fortunately, we have a variety of options for removing pigeons safely with humane methods like nets or spikes along ledges where they usually nestle up during nightfall. If you live in the Coachella Valley and are dealing with pigeon infestation, contact On The Fly Pest Control for humane solutions. Get rid of pigeons fast and humanely with our pigeon pest control and removal services. Call us today to learn more about our pest control services!