Bed Bugs Treatments Coachella Valley CA

Bed bugs are small blood-sucking insects that live off of human blood. They are often found in places where people sleep such as hotels, apartments, dormitories, and even homes. These pests feed on the blood of their hosts and can cause an allergic reaction if they bite humans. If you have an active infestation then in addition to the spotted evidence they leave behind, you may also get swollen red itchy welts.

If you find bed bug bites on yourself, there are several treatments that you can use to get rid of these pesky creatures. In this article, we’ll discuss the different types of treatments that you can try with your trusted pest control companies in Southern California.

The first thing you should do is check your home for bed bugs. If you see any signs of them, like blood stains, itchy spots, black or brown spots, you need to take action immediately. Bed bugs will hide during the day and come out at night when it’s dark. You might notice a few tiny red spots or marks on your skin. This could be a sign of bed bugs. The best way to prevent getting bitten by bed bugs is to keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free.

You also want to make sure that you have good ventilation in your room. Bed bugs like warm temperatures so they tend to move towards areas with heat sources. Make sure that all vents are open and that no furniture is blocking airflow. Also, make sure that windows and doors are closed tightly.

A bedbug infestation can happen to anyone, at any time. You can remove bed bugs from your home using one of the following pest control treatment plan:

1) Vacuum 

Vacuuming is the most common pest control method used to eliminate bed bugs. A vacuum cleaner works well because it sucks up insects. However, vacuums aren’t very effective against bed bugs since they don’t leave much behind after feeding.

2) Fumigation

Fumigating your Coachella Valley home is another pest control option. There are many products available that contain chemicals that kill bed bugs. Some fumigants work better than others. It’s important to read labels carefully before purchasing any type of insecticide.

3) Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Heat treatment uses high temperatures to destroy bed bugs. You can purchase heating pads that work great for killing bed bugs. Heating pads will raise the temperature inside your house to over 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Bed bugs will die within this temperature range.

The best way to kill bed bugs is heat treatment. Heat kills them by causing their internal organs to rupture. This process takes several hours, so you’ll want to call a professional pest control company right away if you find any signs of bed bugs.

4) Insecticides

Insecticides are also a pest control option if you’re looking to treat the problem right away in your Coachella Valley home. Many commercial insecticides are available over the counter. Read the label carefully to determine which product would work best for you.

Bed bug infestations are typically treated by spraying insecticides around the home. These chemicals kill the adult bugs but not the eggs. The next generation of bed bugs will hatch from those eggs and continue the cycle.

5) Natural Remedies

If you’re looking for a natural way to keep bed bugs away, try making sure your mattress is clean and well maintained. Bed bugs don’t like dirty mattresses, so keeping yours clean will help prevent them from coming back. Also, if you notice any signs of blood spots on your sheets, it could mean that you’ve got bed bugs.

If you do find yourself infested, it may be best to call a professional exterminator. They will know what product to use and how to apply it correctly. Trained Coachella Valley professionals and active bed bug treatments can remove any infestation no matter the size through proven solutions for bed bugs. 

Bed bugs are a pest that you need to take care of as soon as possible. Improve the quality of life and bring peace of mind by hiring bed bug removal services. You should never try to treat bed bugs yourself. There are many dangerous chemicals available that can cause serious health problems. Instead, call On The Fly Pest Control company right away so that we can properly identify the source of the problem and offer you a solution that works for your Coachella Valley property. Our common pest control plan protects your home from these common pests including bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, mice, etc. If you suspect that you may have bed bugs, contact us immediately so that we can inspect your property and provide you with a free estimate.  Our residential customers rely on our pest control services including our bed bug extermination services to give you the ultimate relief you deserve with our bed bug control in Southern California. Call us today!